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La Decollette anti-wrinkle bra

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Cleavage wrinkles are an unfortunate fact of life for most women, especially those in their mid-thirties and older. The formation and severity of these cleavage wrinkles is determined by a number of factors, including genes, UV skin damage, and ageing of the skin. However one of the biggest causes is the simple fact that while sleeping on her side, a woman's breasts are pressed together, leading to a folding of the skin between them. Over time, this results in the formation of unsightly cleavage wrinkles.

Many women are unhappy with these wrinkles and would really love a smooth and tight cleavage. Some are so self-conscious that they refuse to go to the beach or wear a dress with a low-plunging neckline. Risky and expensive surgery has been the only reliable treatment option. Until now.


La Decollette, the new anti-wrinkle bra from Holland, has been specifically designed  to reduce the appearance of vertical wrinkle formation on the cleavage. It fights the main cause of these wrinkles by lifting and separating the breasts during sleep, preventing the folding of the skin between them  that leads to wrinkle formation.

And in addition, the extra support offered by La Decollette is relieving for women who suffer from painful breasts or bigger cup sizes.


La Decollette is worn at night and is one-size-fits-all. The straps can be adjusted to any regular bra size. The bra will feel comfortable as a result of the smooth and soft materials. The anti-allergy Comforel® filling easily adapts to the body, ensuring you will hardly be aware of it during the night.


Lycra® and/or cotton. Filling: 100% Comforel®. Comforel is a synthetic fibre ball which keeps its volume at night. All materials used are anti-allergenic.


La Decollette has been tested by the Paris Institute for Cosmetical Research (CERCO) on a group of volunteers. After 24 hours, a significant result is already clear, however optimum results have been demonstrated after just 15 days.

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