Smart Memory Bra

Lisca Smart Memory Bra

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Any woman will tell you that finding the right bra that fits perfectly, feels comfortable and gives you seductive cleavage can be a real problem.

Well, the revolutionary Smart Memory Bra ticks all three boxes!

 Known as The Bra for Every Body, the Smart Memory Bra from Lisca is like nothing else on the market today - a bra that actually moulds to fit each woman's unique body shape and adapts to changes and fluctuations in size !


The Smart Memory Bra has revolutionary high-tech cups incorporating a special memory foam that is based upon technology developed by NASA, which softens and expands as it warms to the skin's temperature, adapting to fit the curves of the body and thus totally conforming to the wearer's bust for the ultimate fit.

But on a more practical note, the Smart Memory Bra can help women experiencing common fluctuations in cup size due to weight change, ageing and time of month, and also help support the breasts during exercise, as when blood and body temperature rises, the bra will expand to offer added support, just when you need it most. As Dr Tim Nielsen (Lisca spokesperson in Australia) explains, "It's healthier than an ordinary bra because it will always provide the perfect fit. As a woman's body changes, so the size of the bra changes. That's the advantage of this bra".

 The Lisca Smart Memory Bra is one of a kind. There is simply nothing else on the market to match its sexiness, seductiveness and functionality.


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                BEFORE                                 AFTER 20 MIN EXERCISE         NORMAL BRA                    SMART MEMORY BRA