Scala/Trifil in the media

Scala BioPromise is a world-wide smash hit sensation! It has featured in countless television, radio, newspaper and magazine articles all over the globe. Here are just a few of the articles about BioPromise that have appeared in Australia and the UK.

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body  soul sa 2010_08_01001

beauty heaven 15 july 2010

lifestyle you 19 july 2010

Body & Soul SA

"It's time for South Australians to get some help to look their best as the world's leading shapewear is now available to them...sold out in hours in Sydney and Melbourne, forcing stores to put desperate customers on waiting lists."

Beauty Heaven

"The revolutionary bottom wear that actually works to fight cellulite, as opposed to just concealing it...I'm only five days into the trial and so far I'm really liking the way the tights feel and how they shape my lower half."

Lifestyle You

"The fat-busting underwear range from Brazil that took Australia and the UK by storm...globally recognised as a pioneer in "smart clothing."
womans day scala editorial cosmo australia february p216 small health smart

Womans Day

"Flattens the tummy while smoothing the butt and thigh areas, it prevents bulge when you sit down."


"The visual orange-peel effect had diminished and my skin felt smoother. I also felt that the curve of my hips was reduced slightly and my bottom was a tad perkier. An added side effect of the shorts was that they suck everything in, making me look slimmer in fitted dresses."

Health Smart

"It definitely gave my bottom a lift...this would be fine for everyday wear... the fabric contains "active biocrystals" to stimulate blood flow. That alone makes them worth a regular wear."

sa style editorial002 body  soul style magazine

SA Style

"I LOVED the product...and did find a smoother appearance on my thighs. They gave me a lot more confidence to wear a shorter skirt. I give this product a rave review and would recommend it to every woman."

Body & Soul

"The front of my thighs appear smoother and slightly firmer, and the dimpling on my buttocks appears to be less obvious. I think the pants are worth trying."


"It has that slimming, flattening effect for instant thighs are noticibly smoother and less dimpled, even when crossing my legs."

shop til you drop dec 09 pg.27 grazia grab  high maintenance mx

Shop 'til You Drop


"They sold out in just 30 minutes in the UK! The fabric stimulates cellular metabolism, beating orange peel into submission in just 30 days."


"BioPromise shapewear fights cellulite, shaves off centimetres in as little as 30 days and is instantly slimming."


"magic pants"

BioPromise in the UK!

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27.7.09 daily mirror daily20express20uk_edited-1

daily mirror article 11_edited-1

Daily Mirror (UK)

"...rationed by a top store...sold out online in 24 hours. A three month wait...caused a buying frenzy. Some stores were forced to extend opening times. The fastest sellling underwear for a decade...pushed up sales of other lingerie by 162%."

Daily Express (UK)

"...the fat-busting pants which hordes of Bridget Jones-alikes rushed out to buy...the initial stock became its fastest-selling underwear of the past decade. Customers mobbed the Oxford Street store in London and the website sold out in an hour."

Daily Mirror (UK)

"...sold out in half an hour after the chain's online shop was stocks were snapped up within hours. John Lewis has now set up a waiting list for the pants...favoured by movie stars such as Sienna Miller."

marie claire uk-1

shopers fight uk

daily mail article 7

Marie Claire (UK) online

"...sparked a shopping frenzy...quickly became the store's fastest-selling lingerie in its 124-year history. Within hours had sold out on shop floors, and were selling on ebay."

London Evening Standard (UK)

"...the fastest-selling lingerie in John Lewis's 145-year history...has led to fans, reportedly including Sienna Miller, flocking to stock up. Total sales at JL department stores were up more than five percent on other weeks this year."

Daily Mail (UK)

"...the hot pants that could help you look better in hotpants."