La Decollette in the media

The La Decollette anti-wrinkle bra received huge media attention in Europe on its original release in Holland and Belgium. Now that it has been launched in the UK and US, La Decollette is grabbing attention world-wide! Click on the stories below to read the full articles.


La Decollette on the Ellen Degeneres show

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News article on La Decollete from Reuters (Europe) 

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REVIEW Helium (online) Product reviews: La Decollette, the anti-wrinkle bra

I have to admit, it is exceptionally comfortable...when lying down it feels as if you are snuggling a soft toy, which is actually quite nice...the rest of my décolleté is much smoother, even after one night of wearing it...the effects do improve after wearing it on consecutive days..overall, La Decollette is a clever idea which effectively works to smooth away wrinkle more


Helium (online) Dutch inventor's "La Decollette" prevents cleavage wrinkles

Worried about cleavage wrinkles? So was Dutch inventor, Rachel de Boer, which led to her invention of the "La Decollette" bra. For years, de Boer had slept with an intriguing device – an old bra with socks sewn between the cups to keep her breasts separated when she more


The Telegraph (UK) Night bra that fights wrinkles launched

Now a bra has been specifically designed to be worn at night, to keep breasts lifted and separated while the wearer sleeps.Called La Decollette, the bra's inventor, Rachel de Boer, a former real estate agent, said it worked for her by preventing wrinkles developing and her breasts from more


Stop press news (US) Anti-wrinkle bra La Decollette 

Dutch anti-wrinkle bra La Decollette is getting more popular in Europe every day. After scientific tests by the Paris research institute CERCO (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique) established that women who wear the bra see their cleavage-wrinkles reduced significantly after 24 more


NY Daily News (US) Backward bra by La Decollette promises to keep cleavage looking wrinkle-free

It might not be the sexiest thing in your lingerie drawer, but a backward looking, cupless bra promises to keep your cleavage in tip top shape. Behold, La Decollette's anti-wrinkle bra, a contraption that promises to keep your decolletage looking wrinkle more


Global Intimate Wear (online) La Decollete: New Anti-wrinkle Cupless Bra Seems Promising

There's a new cupless bra out in the market that promises to remove unsightly vertical wrinkles that naturally develop at a women's cleavage – La Decollete. The product, which is made from soft anti-allergic fabrics, is meant to be worn directly on the skin between the breasts and underneath nightwear while sleeping. Apparently, the results are noticeable after the first use and after five to seven nights, the wrinkles disappear more